The Ritz, Cowboys (Eli Young Band), and a quickie at Tony’s

Yesterday Janel and I went to The Ritz for a late lunch. I had a $30 groupon and wanted to use it. The online menu must be old, or they must change it a lot because there are things on it that they didn’t have yesterday and things they had that aren’t on the online […]

Tony’s Colorado Springs, crazy weather, seedlings, new chandelier for the kitchen, and home cookin’

This is the crazy weather time of year in Colorado! One minute it’s 65 degrees and then an hour later it’s this! It’s sort of a tradition that when it’s crazy snow we walk down to Tony’s for a drink. DM is suckin’ ’em down. He LOOOOOOOOVES Tony’s! We left the bar and yep, it […]

Tony’s is Colorado Springs’ worst bar.

This time wasn’t so bad, actually, thanks to Josh. It’s become a tradition: We walk to Tony’s when it storms. If there’s a heavy snow, we’re hoofin’ it to Tony’s for a drink because they are always open. Now, it isn’t a secret how I feel about Tony’s. But since it’s close, and since it […]