Smiley’s downtown Colorado Springs

We love Smiley’s on Tejon near Boulder St. and go there for breakfast all the time. Yea, yea, that jam has HFCS in it. They could make their own jam, I guess, but they’re not claiming to not use weird ingredients in their food. Also I have pretty much given up on avoiding HFCS and all that other junk […]

Smiley’s Bakery and Cafe, Colorado Springs, CO

The first time we went to Smiley’s at 323 N Tejon St. in downtown Colorado Springs I was unimpressed. I don’t remember what I had but whatever it was I thought I could make it better at home myself. But the place is really cute inside and they have outdoor seating. It reminds me of what a roadside […]

Downtown Colorado Springs Wrap-up Round-up

We love living in Chicago now. We appreciate all the things that big cities have to offer, including the progressive attitudes of the citizens and the people in charge. But Colorado Springs has its charms, and it was really hard to leave. The downtown area is very pretty with lots of trees and flowers (when […]

Our favorite Colorado Springs restaurants

We got so busy in the last few months we were in Colorado Springs that we didn’t have time to do very many posts. So I’m going to do a few Colorado wrap-up posts in the next few weeks before embarking on full force Chicago entries. These are some of our favorite restaurants in The […]

Why you’re going out of business

Hint: It’s not the homeless. Or parking. Or any of the other dumb things businesses like to blame. (Some downtown myths and realities) Downtown today is the USA Pro Cycling Challenge, and over the weekend was the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon. What this means is downtown is packed. There’s also a farmers market today, […]