Poor Richard’s and Rancho Liborio, Colorado Springs

So, one place we go all the time but hardly ever talk about is Rico’s Cafe and Wine Bar- it’s part of Poor Richard’s. You know, the bookstore, toy store, and restaurant downtown. Latte from Poor Richards/Ricos, Colorado Springs They have all kinds of sandwiches, salads, and pizzas. Their pizza is really good. Their hummus […]

Rancho Liborio Mexican food and my attempt to copy it

Somehow I recently got on a Mexican food kick. But I wanted real Mexican food, not chain restaurant Mexican food. We’ve been to a few local places and remain unimpressed, so I thought I’d go ahead and make it myself. We went down to Rancho Liborio on South Circle Drive to get ingredients (BTW, they are […]

Our favorite Colorado Springs Tacos Wrap-up

We were super into Rancho Liborio’s tacos — they were so authentically good and so cheap. But sadly, Rancho Liborio recently closed. We also loved Cafe El Paso and Blue Agave’s tacos.  But, they closed, too. Still, there are a few other decent taco places around. We never found any fancy taco places with exotic ingredients like […]