Breakfast at Maggie Mae’s, Home made mexican food, cats, and a picnic on the porch

Bistro French Toast from our fave Maggie Mae’s. Homemade tostadas and Spanish rice. Mini picnic on the side porch. Good afternoon sunshine. Cheesecake for breakfast! This morning we went to “Homegrown on Tejon” which is a tiny farmers market right down the street. The vendors have to sell things that are grown here- like within […]

Shhh. It’s a secret.

Sometimes, when you find a treasure, you want to show everyone, shout it out: Hey, look at this great thing! But then there are times when you want to keep it to yourself, when your secret is too precious to share. So it’s with a troubled heart that I tell you about Detz Cafe in […]

Diner Burgers in Colorado Springs

There are lots of diners here in Colorado Springs. They are mostly pretty retro (and not always in a good way). Since we’ve been eating pretty¬†light at home, I’ve been dying for a burger when we go out, so I’ve had quite a few lately. Here are some diner burgers. Maggie Mae’s: 2405 E. Pikes […]

Sandy’s: Home of the loud opinion

I’ve been known to have an opinion about a thing or two. And I’ve been known to sometimes share them. Fact is, there are a lot of things wrong with the world, and I have some solutions. Now, if only people would listen. So while I am in the political minority at Sandy’s restaurant, I […]

European Cafe, Manitou Springs

We were looking for someplace different to go for breakfast recently. Of course we love Smiley’s and Maggie Mae’s but just wanted a change of pace. Also, Smiley’s is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. So we wandered up to Manitou to see what we could find. I had been to the European Cafe last summer […]