The Donut Mill: Out of donuts, again

We’ve had a very rocky relationship with The Donut Mill in Woodland Park, and I’m sad to announce today that we’re on the outs again. I’ve suggested before that when you’re called The Donut Mill, it’s reasonable to expect donuts. But four out of the five times we’ve been there, regardless of the time of […]

No donuts at The Donut Mill, but Joanie’s picks up the slack

When you go to a place called The Donut Mill, I think it’s reasonable to expect donuts. We woke up with a hankerin’ for donuts, and since good donuts are scarce in the COS, we bundled up and headed on out to Woodland Park for a sugar fix. On the way, we debated whether they […]

Speaking of donuts

When we went all the way to Woodland Park for some donuts at The Donut Mill, we were supremely disappointed that they were out of donuts. Ordinary people might let that ruin their day. Not us. As we said earlier, we found Joanie’s. But not only did we find an awesome deli and have some […]

Camping at Railroad Bridge, Arkansas Headwaters, Colorado

We never did get to camping at Railroad Bridge after we said we wanted to. We moved to Chicago shortly after that post was made and haven’t been able to go camping much. But we visited Colorado Springs to get the rest of our stuff from storage a few weeks ago and decided to go […]