Amici Trattoria and Recess in Glendale, CA

I spent a few days in L.A. last month. Spent some time with the family, went to a couple of restaurants. We had lunch at Recess in Glendale. It’s right down the street from my brother’s house and he goes there all the time so I wanted to try it. I started with some nice […]

Los Angeles visit: Apple Pan, Getty Center, Bigfoot Lodge, Corner Bar, Casa Bianca, Cacao, Amici, Americana At Brand, Damon’s

The night we got to LA we went out to USC to have drinks with dangermike”s friend Andrew who was out here for work. I think the bar was called something like The Lab. I don’t remember. As DM pointed out, it was way too bright in there. But they were playing Jeopardy on the […]

Things to do in L.A.- visit history

Do like the locals and stay out of the tourist traps! Captions are links. One of the things I like to do when visiting is check out lots of old stuff- buildings, restaurants, neighborhoods. Most of the time I just drive around but since L.A. is so huge, you can check out some of the […]

Four Los Angeles cafes

I went to a bunch of really good restaurants when I was in L.A. over Christmas. First was Elements Kitchen Cafe in Pasadena. They have a great fresh menu. There are only about four tables in the tiny space, but a whole bunch of them outside on the sidewalk and behind the restaurant on a […]

Home Cookin’- salads, bruschetta, pastas, and of course, pizzas

Last time I was in L.A. I had this great salad at Amici Trattoria at The Americana At Brand. Mom asked me to recreate it at her house, so I did. It’s just arugula, shredded hearts of palm, sliced artichoke hearts, and thinly sliced parmesan. I also added garbanzo beans for my own little twist. […]